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Thread: Recommendations on books

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    Recommendations on books

    Is there a reasonable "cookbook" for setting up Linux as a home gateway that provides mailserver, dhcp, samba, and bind and dns services to the remainder of the family. I have the server up and running, but everytime I touch dhcp or dns, or bind, I manage to break something else. I am reasonably competent having spend 20 years in IT, but need a guide something above the "dummies" level of documentation.


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    Linux Documentation Project

    Securing & Optimizing Linux: The Ultimate Solution - although outdated a bit but certain above "dummy" level. I guess if you are going to setup these services once and for all, might as well have the security issues sorted out while doing it.

    Kind Rgds,

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    "Linux Administration: A Beginner's Guide" By Steve Shah (Osborne). The last 1/2 covers most of those topics in more detail than some of the others I've tried. Not perfect, but I bought it because it was one of the most popular / highly rated titles on Amazon. Clear writing style.

    Not specific to a home environment though.

    The Linux web pages on this site are OK and are specific to a Linux network in the home.

    I also use Google a lot on an as needed basis.

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