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Thread: Load Linux hardware drivers from /dev/usb instead of/dev/fd0

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    Load Linux hardware drivers from /dev/usb instead of/dev/fd0

    Is it possible to create a driver diskette using USB memory stick?
    And load the driver diskette from the linux dd

    My example is

    Download Smart Array Controller (HP ProLiant) - cpq_cciss-< version >.i386.dd.gz

    Extract it using GUNZIP

    # dd if= cpq_cciss-< version >.i386.dd of=/dev/usb bs=? (what do I have to type here?)

    To install this driver diskette, boot the linux machine with linux rh3 cd1 in CD-ROM
    A menue will displayed, and prompt for input
    # linux update dd

    Now how do we give an usb memory stick instead of floppy diskette?

    Please let me know is this possible or could you please advice me to how to install hardware drivers when we load from the USB memory sticks

    Thanks in advance

    - dylan912

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    Dear dylan912,

    Just use this

    # dd if=file.iso of=/dev/usb


    # cat file.iso > /dev/usb

    Best Regards.
    Frrkh hmd

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