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Thread: Linspire wifi

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    Linspire wifi

    I have another question/problem! I am still experimenting with Linux @linspire 4.5, I have recently added DSL to my internet connection, and on my secondary computer I installed wifi Network Card, by Belkin, PCI Wireless, 802.11b/54Mbps, F5D7000, I hooked up Belkin Router 802.11G to my main computer. I am running Win XP and Linspire on this machine that I added the card to. The Win XP found the card and loaded up nicely, Linspire did not find it, and I tried to load manually by going to L/Settings/Control Panel/Network/Network Connection= NO INTERFACES DETECTED.
    This is as far as I get. I hope that you can help me with this, I have tried to contact Linspire website, but contacting them and getting an answer is like pulling hens teeth. I am also a paid subscriber to CNR, but can't get on line access the site. I hope I have sent you enough information. Thanks again for your help. RM

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    Take a look at the chipset on the board and google it

    Not sure if it's this one and not stable but.....

    It can work with ndiswrapper Maybe someone on the list has experience setting that up.

    Be sure to bug Belkin for Linux support ;-)

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