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Thread: redirect traffic inside NAt to appear to come from outside.

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    redirect traffic inside NAt to appear to come from outside.

    I don't know exactly how to formulate this, but:
    I have a linux NAT roter/qos box, connected to the net and 2 local subnets. Inside "my" subnet i run a game server, which requires the PUBLIC ip in the config file for it to accept outside connections, plus the port redirects of course. (Arcemu wow server).

    Thus, i cannot connect to it locally if i host for a few friends. If i set the local ip address in the config file, i can connect locally, but noone outside the router can. It is either me or them playing.

    In short, server and client are inside the same nat, but server will either accept local traffic or outside traffic, not both, depending on what address its config says to use.

    Is there a way to redirect local packets from the client inside the nat to appear to come from the outside when i try to connect to my own public ip? Logon server part works, just not the main game server. And why would anyone code the network setup this way, requiring the public IP to work, instead of just accepting whatever connections the NAT forward/redirect throws at it? All info to reply to clients should be in the packets i believe.

    I've set up the nat, portforward, qos, vpn, firewall etc on the router box, so i've seen a bit of iptables before, but this is beyond my knowledge so far.
    Any explanations and/or ideas are very welcome.

    Linux Gamer.

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    Problem solved in the server setup by some tweaking, though i was thinking of using a proxy as a temporary solution.

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    Some help?

    I know this thread is really old, but i am facing the same problem. Could you maybe post your solution or mail it to me at Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Just set the packets going to the server destination, and port; to masquerade the IP address, and forward to your ARC server. That's about all I can provide without knowing how you have the firewall/NAT setup already.
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