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Thread: Way to prevent SIGKILL

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    Way to prevent SIGKILL

    I want to make a Client-Server Application in which once a client Application is connected to Server, user at client side should not be able to terminate it unless permission is given by server.
    Client side User should not be able to terminate Client Application by kill -9 <pid> or Force Quit from Activity monitor

    I have trapped all other signals but not able to find a way to prevent SIGKILL to my Application ?

    I want to implement this functionality on BSD UNIX system

    Any help would be really great Thanks

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    It's impossible to trap a SIGKILL as the kernel doesn't even send the signal to the process, it just 'deletes' the process from it's list. This would hold true for most (if not all) *NIX platforms. HTH

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    If you want to get tricky, this is more of a system level thing, but you can use systemTap to intercept SIGKILL:

    There used to be a pretty well written document on how to do this, but I haven't found it... I'll let you know if I dig it up.
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