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Thread: Cool applications

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    Re:Cool applications

    I think Firestarter is good, it's really easy to use and powerful.

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    Re:Cool applications

    Is firestarter a firewall?

    I am after a firewall - any suggestions (it needs to be EASY to install hehehe)

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    Re:Cool applications

    Yup Firestarter is a firewall

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    Re:Cool applications

    firestarter installs fine WOO HOO

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    Re:Cool applications

    Admittedly, I got tired before I read every single link, but I read 90% of them and didn't see this one:

    madman and rhythmbox

    These two are fighting it out to see which will be 'the iTunes of Linux' I guess.

    I like 'em both, but last I tried, I had some issues with madman in the stability department - though the interface might be a bit nicer. Rhythmbox is very stable, and the interface is fine for my needs.

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    Re:Cool applications

    thanks ncajon - there is a list in a somewhat organized manner ->

    BTW - nice to see ya

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    Re:Cool applications

    I just discovered Midnight Commander and it is just plain awesome.

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    Re:Cool applications

    Here are a few of the applications I use on a daily basis.

    GNOME-btdownload, a GNOME2 frontend for the bittorrent p2p system (

    Dictionary, it's a program that comes default with GNOME, it looks up your search in various dictionaries very handy for us none english native speaking guys and gals. (

    Synaptic, it's the frontend for apt-rpm (and apt-get as I recall), it makes searching for a package very easy compared to using the command line.
    (URL unknown)

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    Re:Cool applications

    Streamtuner a great program to listen to online radio from Shoutcast and Live365

    streamripper I(google it for rpms/deb/tgz) a great program to "record" songs from streamripper and in good quality too 128/192 somtimes 98(2)

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    Re:Cool applications

    Don't you have to run Firestarter as root only?

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