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Thread: Cool applications

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    Re:Cool applications

    IE6/WindowsXP. No pop-up blocking. I don't activate it either on Linux, because there are some web interfaces that need pop-ups.

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    Re:Cool applications

    i had no issues with it. good one Kernel_Killer

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    Re:Cool applications

    Well, anybody brave enough to browse the internet with IE must be prepared for their system crashing, getting compromised and dealing with pop ups. I would block pop ups all the time, and if you need to go to a website that reqires the use of pop-ups, I would temporarly enable it.

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    Re:Cool applications

    My point was that the usual linux newbie would come seeking help, often from a Windows box, because linux wouldn't be his forte. (That was my case when I came in first.)
    I think that is similar to saying "If you don't use a browser that doesn't support blocking pop-ups, screw you."
    However, it is your call, and I respect it.

    On a personal note, if I were posting a link like this, I personally would think that some peple may have open applications and loose work because this would crash their system, so at least I'd post an advisory, since the idea is obviously to crash the computer if you are using IE.

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    Re:Cool applications

    hey kernel_killer - could you please add a disclaimer to the post saying that link is meant to be a joke and it could crash your computer...

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    Re:Cool applications Web broser that uses the mozilla engine made by mozilla. Great light broser

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    Re:Cool applications

    Ya know, some may not agree with me here, but I think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I don't have a link so if anyone can help me out that'd be great. KDE's Tea Cooker toy utility has been really great for me. Put something on the stove, go back to the computer, and turn on tea cooker. I've found nothing of the like in windows. So simple yet so useful. So here's to the Tea Cooker!

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    Re:Cool applications

    My computer crashed because of your last link. I don't think it gives a very good impression to any newbies who come here looking for help, to have their machines crashing because a million popups come on.
    Man, I wasn't expecting anyone to get irate over the whole thing. I guess I just assume even Win users are using even Mozilla as browser. My bad. :P

    Ok. WARNING label added.

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    Re:Cool applications

    geg a GTK+ Equation Grapher .
    this a nice small and good looking app for plotting out math functions. Simple to use and small.
    From the help page:
    The following functions are recognised:
    sin (Sine)
    cos (Cosine)
    tan (Tangent)
    asin (Arc-Sine)
    acos (Arc-Cosine)
    atan (Arc-Tan)
    sinc (Sinc)
    sinh (Hyperbolic Sine)
    cosh (Hyperbolic Cosine)
    tanh (Hyperbolic Tangent)
    log (log base 10)
    ln (Natural Log, Log base e)
    sqrt (Square Root)
    cbrt (Cube Root)
    u (Unit Step)
    abs (Absolute Value)

    The following constants are recognised:
    pi (3.141592654....)
    e (2.718281828....)

    The following operators are recognised:
    + (Add)
    - (Subtract)
    * (Multiply)
    / (Divide)
    ^ (Raise to the Power)

    The following miscellaneous symbols are recognised:
    ( (Left Bracket)
    ) (Right Bracket)
    [ (Left Square Bracket)
    ] (Right Square Bracket)
    { (Left Curly Bracket)
    } (Right Curly Bracket)
    x (Variable Parameter)

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    Re:Cool applications

    Cinelerra :: An A/V editor for linux. I got the name of the app from "Horus" in a thread about Sound editors. It was able to split an MP3 track into the two channels (left / right). Currently it is a bit large for modem users @ ~12MB, but well worth the download. I do recall one dependency that was unresolved on a not so stock RH 8 system, libstdc++. I had to grab an rpm off of freshrpms. That is a rather small RPM.

    edit :: I tested the link, and discovered that the page has links to the dependencies. As well as the fact (that I forgot to mention previously) that this is a SUITE of tools, none are separate. Inlcuding Cinerella, XMovie, LibMPEG3, MPEG-2-Movie, and Quicktime 4 Linux.

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