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Thread: Cool applications

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    Re:Cool applications

    Everybody a chat manager just like trillian, been using it for a few days. I have no compaints as yet, here is the link:

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    Re:Cool applications

    Ruby: Very cool and very powerful programming language
    Vim: Very powerful text editor, perfect for writing Ruby code.
    Crossword puzzle helper: written by yours truly (in Ruby/Tk), this small scrpit helps you with your crossword puzzles. You need a file called 'fr_dict.txt' (though you can change than in the source code) in the same directory than the program file
    Xmms: Don't you guys ever listen to music?!

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    Re:Cool applications

    Dia: Not quite where Visio is, but it's a start to be sure.

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    Re:Cool applications

    K3b the greatest CD burning app for linux quite possibly.

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    Re:Cool applications

    Apt-get for RedHat 8.0

    Synaptic, which is a must have GUI for this apt-get for RedHat

    apt-get install synaptic will provide you with it too.

    I just got it today on my work box an WHOA!!! That tied in with the nice GUI tool, is just awesome. Can we say goodbye to dpendency hell? I sure can now

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    Re:Cool applications

    For Slacks addicts and not only, actually for those who prefer startx to GDM/KDM/XDM alternative, without fiddling with editing .xinitrc, etc to go to a different window manager here comes a perl scrip, please welcome

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    Re:Cool applications J-Pilot is a desktop organizer application for the palm pilot that runs under Linux and Unix using X-Windows and GTK+. It is similar in functionality to the one that 3com distributes and has many features not found in the 3com desktop.

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    Re:Cool applications

    I just recently heard about this site for Ogg Vorbis Conversion Tool.

    But I haven't tried it out yet.

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    Re:Cool applications

    Here's a program that seems to have some promise: Oggasm. It converts mp3's to ogg. It seems to have some other tricks up it's sleeve, as well.


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    Re:Cool applications - KDE based multi IM client - The burner app for Linux.. does everything, including calling the nurse to wipe your ass to clean up the "after usage self soiling"

    KVim - Vim + KDE, what more could you possible want ?

    Konqueror - need I say more!

    Portage - nuch nuch, know what I mean, know what I mean?

    KSensors - It's not as fancy as gkrellm or ksim - but the Lovechild likes it

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