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Thread: Cool applications

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    Cool applications

    Hey people,
    We all know there are a ton of cool applications for Linux - keeping track of them is the hard part and knowing all the apps out there is even tough. For instance i was looking and looking for someing to covert my mp3s to oggs, then rename and add ID3 tags. Tonight after I am l done with this task I find this!!

    Cantus - an easy to use tool for tagging and renaming MP3 and OGG/Vorbis files.

    So if you could please post something that is kinda unique lets everyone know. I hope to keep this thread sticky...

    BTW people!! I will be editing posts just to keep a consistant format, e.g. the application name will be a link to the application and that is about all. The context will not change. I am guessing this will get bigger and one of these days i will wanna catagorize stuff.

    And oh yea! all responses get an + carma point!

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    Re:Cool applications

    gkrellm. Definitely a needed app. It makes everything nice...

    the standard in system monitering.
    Stuff gkrellm can do with the right pluggin: volume control, ever important moniter for hardware specs, e.g. CPU temperature, mail notification, control of radio cards. loads 'o' stuff.

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    Re:Cool applications

    Prozilla - speed up downloads
    Squid - speed up web browsing & block web ads
    File Runner - excellent file manager

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

    edit by pbharris:
    Hey - that prozilla and file runner look very cool, is the squid you refer to the proxy version ?

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    Re:Cool applications

    rip I- a great console ripper

    cdcd - console cdplayer with cddb

    ogle (gui-less)- good dvd player with excellent keybindings

    xine - good dvd and other media player

    Video Lan Client - Another great DVD player for Linux.

    mp3blaster - excellent xmms substitute

    distributed folding consoleprotien folding app - why waste your cycles looking for aliens I say

    Edit by pbharris:
    Added links to software and also my favorite DVD player.
    except you got the distributed folding link wrong but i fixed it:P

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    Re:Cool applications

    mplayer = best video player for any OS
    transcode = ripper of dvds and encoder of all things video
    dvd::rip = if you need GUI for transcode
    pico and pine = great text editor that happens to come with a great mail program.

    tcprobe = read those tracks on that DVD!

    normalize = normalize volume of mulitple wavs, mp3s, oggs, gets rid of those cds with 10 different volume levels =)

    convert = convert multiple images into a better format like jpg (you must install all of imagicmagick for convert)

    hey Rick - can you post a link to to this proggy?
    [edit:gorn]i got it[/edit]

    also please check if the links i added are correct

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    Re:Cool applications

    ickle - Instant messenger for the ICQ protocol. If you're tired of licq crapping out and crashing on you - this is the client you want.

    CGI IRC - a web based IRC client - no yucky java applets

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    Re:Cool applications

    hey thanks everybody!!
    i forgot a couple more
    Tux Type - A game for kids to learn how to type. I play it myself too!! and in the grand tradition of Tux games - that penguin is gonna get some fish!

    Audacity - Sound editor which is pretty darned nice!! I use it to combine songs that were meant to be combined but in turning them into oggs they were seperated.

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    Re:Cool applications

    ROX Filer, fastest GUI filemanager around.

    edit by pbharris:
    Wow gonzo john!! that is awsome! especially for us fvwm users who don't always like konq or nautalis.

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    Re:Cool applications

    gaim the ultimate in instant messaging
    gqview wonderful image browser
    utar tar/zip front end
    dusort puts the output of du in order smallest to largest

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    Re:Cool applications

    d4x a download manager with a clean, simple interface and a lot of features.

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