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    Fedora 13

    Hello everyone. This will be my first post here. I'm a long time Fedora user and wonder how many of you use this distro? Have you installed Fedora 13 yet and if so, what do you think of it?

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    I've used it quite a bit with Mac laptops, and personally love a RH distro for a workstation. Reasons being, after installing the development modules, EVERYTHING compiles without an issue. Another reason, is their custom kernel that goes through Quality Assurance before a release. On top of that, every one of their packages goes through QA. Also, the hardware support is quite great.
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    Agreed. For the few things that I do need to compile, for example, during a VirtualBox installation compiling the kernel module, things work flawlessly as long as the development stuff is installed. I have several boxes here with Fedora 12 or 13 installed on them and virtually all of the hardware is recognized, regardless of whether the box is old or new, with a few minor exceptions. I'm actually disappointed (oddly enough) that there's less of a challenge in running something like Fedora as time goes by and new releases are available. I used to bask in the glory of winning a long, hard fought battle getting things working. Not so much any more.

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