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Nis and nfs+automount
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Thread: Nis and nfs+automount

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    Smile Nis and nfs+automount

    Hello everybody,

    I'am new to Linux and i am studying for certification, i need your help to answer this question

    Bind to the NIS domain BOSTONprovided by for user authentication. Note the following:
    nisuserx should be able to log into your system, where x is your station number, but will not have
    a home directory until you have completed the autofs requirement below
    All NIS users have a password of password

    Configure autofs to automount the home directories of NIS users. Note the following:
    server1.example.com ( NFS-exports /rhome/stationx to your system, where
    x is your station number

    nisuserx's home directory is server1.example.com:/rhome/stationx/nisuserx
    nisuserx's home directory should be automounted locally beneath /rhome as /rhome/nisuserx
    home directories must be writable by their users

    While you are able to log in as any of the users nisuser1 through nisuser20, the only home
    directory that is accessible from your system is nisuserx.

    Example: station10 would con_gure the automounter such that nisuser10's home directory
    /rhome/nisuser10 gets mounted automatically upon login. The NFS share would be

    Thanks for your answer.
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