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Thread: how to make a slideshow for dvd

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    how to make a slideshow for dvd

    New born Baby’s cute fingers and toes, their silly faces, first steps and their first teeth. These are the truly memorable moments in our lives .
    The new born baby slideshow is a good way that your child can learn about his roots and himself. It is not only enjoyment, but also a good record of his early years. Baby’s dvd slideshows are rare and special treasures ,they can be the best gifts as a record of their growing up.

    Put your love and bless in the baby’s slideshow with easy few steps :

    what you'll need:

    1. Your favorite photos
    2. photo story platinum

    Step 1. Photoset :

    Download and install photo story platinum, then launch it. Browse the photos saved in your local discs and simply drag & drop your favorites to the Story Board or click “add photo”button to add photos, Click “Add Audio” to add background music, you can use the songs or record a piece of your own voice. You modify every picture with the built-in editing tools and effects such as rotate and crop photos to match the screen resolution, and add effects and adjust brightness/contrast as you like.

    Step 2. Choose a Style :

    Preview animated styles first and then double click or drag & drop your selected styles to the Story Board. With 200+ build-in animated movie styles, you can make your photo movie to impress everyone. You can also choose the one meets your special demands and apply it. I choose the collage09 style.

    Step 3. Decoration:

    You can also add any text with different effects to tell a wonderful story. Animated clipart and adorable effects are also available and make the slideshow more lively.

    Step 4. Burn to DVD :
    Preview the photo slideshow and if you are satisfied with the effect, then click the “Create” tab and choose the output format as dvd, author the dvd and choose the menu template. Then burn it on your dvd disc and watch it on TV .You can also choose other video format like “AVI”, “WMV” or “MPEG-2″ which are supported on YouTube or myspace.

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    Wonderful! thanks for the info that you guys have been discussing. Awesome!!!!

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