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Thread: FTP server with virtual hosting

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    Thumbs up FTP server with virtual hosting

    Mr. RAM Has written an excellent article to setup virtual users in FTP server.

    Virtual hosting is a method to run one instance of a service to host multiple users with their own authentication, isolation and security. You can do virtual hosting in web servers using Apache / IIS. The same applied to mail server hosting in qmail with vpopmail configuration.

    I attempted to do the same with ftp servers.

    OS : Rhel5.2
    Ftp server : Vsftpd
    Authentication : Mysql database with pam_mysql module.


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    I there any other way of implementing virtual FTP service ?


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    Smile hi

    have u tried PURE-FTPD

    its very nice ftp server

    and i hope this will give u the complete sol

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    virtual host on ftp server

    hi ram

    that link is not opening...

    is there any other link to view virtual host on ftp server???

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    Thanks .... i searched it for so long

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