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Thread: Acessing Internet: xbuntu-->Vista-->WAN-->Internet

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    Acessing Internet: xbuntu-->Vista-->WAN-->Internet

    I've got a Compaq Presario 742 TU Laptop with Vista home premium, and a HP e-Vectra mini desktop with xBuntu 'Hardy Heron' on it.

    I've plugged a network cable between the LAN ports on the Laptop and the vectra, and i'm trying to allow the vectra access to my homes wireless network through the laptops wireless adaptor.

    I'm a complete n00b wwhen it comes to linux. Any help you may provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    That may be really involved.

    1. You'll have to assign a network address to the Linux box, or get the Vista laptop to be a DHCP server.
    2. Then you have to set up routing on the vista Laptop.
    3. Your home router may not NAT the IP address you assigned to the Linux box and then you won't get access to the net. Either you modify the configuration of the router or you get the Vista box to NAT the IP address of the Linux box to an address in the range of the router's LAN interface.
    It may be just easier to buy a wireless game adapter like the Linksys WGA54G. You plug in your NIC into it and the units's antenna then connects you to your wireless network.

    You could also consider adding a wireless card to your Linux box. Ubuntu's support for ndiswrapper is fairly good.

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    Get a router!

    For a few dollars you can get a hub and plug both into it and turn on Routing in the laptop, or for a few bucks more you could get linksys WRT54G load DD-WRT or some other better firmware and have it do the heavy lifting to your wireless network. Migh even be a better choice for your main firewall/router/gatway, that is where I started on the wireless side. If you wnat to do wired, then they also do a darn good job there also.

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