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Thread: suse on tc1000 tablet pc

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    suse on tc1000 tablet pc

    I tried to boot the Suse live cd on a Compaq TC1000 tablet pc last night. Just wanted to see if it would load. It has an external cd rom. It booted to the cd to the menu and selected boot the os option not install.

    It gave me the splash screen but even after an hour the system never came up. the cd stopped spinning and it just sat there.

    has anyone ever tried to load suse on a tc1000 tablet pc? I dont care if I lose the tablet functions. I just want it for email on the road etc. xp is a dog on a 900mhz processor it has.

    The cd works on another system so I know its good.

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    Thumbs up suse on tablet pc tc1000

    I have had Ubuntu, TinyMe and several others on my tablet pc tc1000.
    Ubuntu was the most functunal... TinyMe was good but as I tweeked it I got a black desktop that wouldnt change..... will have to spend more time.. I also use mine for travel..
    So Ubuntu absolutely works.

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    I installed ubuntu (8.04 or 8.10, I can't remember) on my tc1000 by creating a bootable usb stick - there are some types that this can work for and some that don't. The install was fine and the computer worked perfectly - except the tablet aspects. Since tc1000 doesn't use a wacom pen there's not much info out there about getting it to work. The only page I came across involved a lot of manual configuration, more than I was willing to try. Still makes a great ultra-portable laptop, though even with ubuntu it's kinda slow.

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    Smile Linux for tablet pc tc1000

    My last post here I was still trying for a useable distro for my tablet pc tc1000 and had tried a few.
    This little unit is great to travel with.. and I don't use the pen sys.
    I have settled on and installed "Pardus 2007" and everything works great, sound, skype and everything else I need... It's still a little slow but it works. The Pardus distro is great.
    My other two favorites for any computer are PclinuxoS and linux Mint, they really do work.

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    That's good to hear. The blog is trying to create their own tablet PC for web search and a touch screen keyboard.

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    Smile tablet pc tc1000

    I found out the hard way not to fall in love with a distro until you know it works where you want to use it.
    I tried 35-40 distros including Kiowa Linux (which I love but it dosent work on my tc1000) on desktops, laptops and my tc1000.
    I am using Linux Mint on my main desktop, the better half still uses XP on her laptop & I have Pardus on my tc1000.
    Right now my garage test unit (an old HP system) has an off beat distro that the old monitor dosent like so we will wait for results and a name if it works after I tighten some screws. This unit usually has PclinuxoS on it.

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