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Thread: having issues with loading ubunti on tc1000

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    having issues with loading ubunti on tc1000

    I tried to boot the ubuntu live cd on a Compaq TC1000 tablet pc last night. Just wanted to see if it would load. It has an external cd rom. It booted to the cd to the menu and selected boot the os option not install.

    It gave me the splash screen but even after an hour the system never came up. the cd stopped spinning and it just sat there.

    has anyone ever tried to load ubuntu on a tc1000 tablet pc? I dont care if I lose the tablet functions. I just want it for email on the road etc. xp is a dog on a 900mhz processor it has.

    I have tried this CD on several systems. could the distribution i downloaded be bad? I tried it from several mirror site and it ran the check cd option and they all say 1 file was found to be bad. I am guessing this is the issue. But why am i getting a bad iso file?

    The download process compeltes with no errors so I am thinkign the file is bad when it comes down.

    Can someone point me to a like with a know GOOD iso image?

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    I think it could be that Ubuntu doesn't have
    all the drivers needed for your PC.

    You could go to Ubuntu's homepage,
    check-out the latest live CD. It's also
    good to know the instruction set of the
    CPU, usually x386 is ok.


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