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Thread: CD Rom Problems

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    CD Rom Problems

    I have just built a new PC, but I am using an older CD ROM. It worked with the CD I used to set up the Hard Drive. I then put in Mandrake 10.0 CD1 and it starts the install, but when it tries to find the image on the drive, it fails. It keeps trying, but I see these errors: 0x51 and 0x54. It is a 7 year old Compaq CR588 drive.

    I have used these ISOs to install on another machine, so I know they are good.

    Is there some option I need to choose during the install, or do I need a newer drive. Thanks.

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    Try washing the CDs with mild soap and water. Smudges can cause read/write errors.

    Also try cleaning the CD ROM drive. Open the drawer and blow into it. There could be dust affecting the optics. You can get aerosol cans of compressed air in some computer supply stores.

    If after all that, you are sure the disks are OK, and the drive has worked in that machine before, then the drive is probably bad.

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    CD Rom Problems

    does anybody have a current file for the 10 to 102 spoof or the steps to get a rom 10 up .been a long time.thanks

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    whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute, did u say u were running Mandrake 10.1? If so, back in those days CDROMS were horrible. Mounting and dismounting ftl!

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