Since 32-bit Kubuntu became all scrambled up after a thunder storm, I made a commitment and decided to explore the 64-bit world for my desktop machine. I had received two DVD disks from Ubuntu team, and installed the 64-bit version in that desktop. It didn't turn out right. I was chasing all over the place to make Firefox work in that environment. I found a kluged 64-bit version that just didn't like my machine. And there were many other applications that were not working, or working improperly. That's it! No more! I had to dump the 64-bit version of Kubuntu, and find something else.

It was just in time that the latest version of 64-bit and 32-bit Sabayon just came out. I downloaded the 64-bit version, burned it on a DVD, and tried it live, before deciding to install it. And I'm not sorry that I did this! I mean, that everything ran right out of the box! I didn't have to do anything, but to just run the applications. A lot of attention was payed to details before this Gentoo derivative was officially released. I like the idea that updates come almost all the time, on a daily basis. The system is always up to date. My brother-in-law has been using Gentoo for years. He's never had to install another version since. His updates and upgrades just come in like clock-work. He just has to ciick to get the installation started, and it does the whole thing automatically. Originally he did install Gentoo by compiling the entire operating system from scratch. He said that it took it three days to do the entire compilation on his machine. Then he had to tweak it up to his liking, which added some additional time, before he even got to start using this system. But since then, he's been happy with the results after all these years.

Sabayon has the "enque" command to install text-mode updates or applications from the Sabayon's Repositories. And Sabayon also has the access of the Gentoo's Repositories by using the "emerge" text command. And if one likes to install something from scratch, the "portage" resources are available. The entire operation is automatic. The system downloads, compiles, and installs the desired application, without intervention. And Sabayon was also kind of them to provide an installation GUI for graphic-type addicts. The installation manager is called "The Spritz Package Manager.

I would dare to say that the Repositories for Sabayon and Gentoo's are just as vast with choices as Debian's. The nice thing about it is that it just runs properly without any problems on my machine. Try it out and you might get just as lucky as I did. Sabayon is the instant gratification version of Gentoo, without the pain of having to compile it before using it. And it comes with al kinds of bells and whistles. Compiz works right out of the box, with this distribution.