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Thread: How to establish broadband connection in ubuntu

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    How to establish broadband connection in ubuntu

    Hi guys, I'm having ubuntu installed on my pc along with windows xp. I'hv brought new broadband connection, it is working fine in the windows but how to get connected in ubuntu, i dont know plz guide me....The connection is through the lan cable through modem.

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    I assume you have a router connected to your ethernet port: if you've got a usb modem you've got a problem. The router is making the connection to your ISP, so you only have to set up the connection to the router.
    See if you have a menu option to configure a network; if you don't, open a terminal and type the command "neat". The ethernet port eth0 will be listed as a device. Click on it and then on Edit. In the General tab, tick "Activate when the computer starts" (if you want to), "All users", and "Automatically obtain DNS". In the Hardware tab, tick "Bind to MAC". If no MAC is given, click Probe. Then click OK and confirm that you want the alterations saved. That's it!
    If you want to switch the service on and off (the only secure network is the disconnected one ...), use the network control option in the menu, or the commands "ifup eth0" and "ifdown eth0".

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidMcCann View Post
    if you've got a usb modem you've got a problem.
    Most USB modems are supported with kernel 2.6 on.

    Anyway, to the original question; if your network card is recognized, then all you need to do is go to System-->Administration-->Network and setup your NIC properties there. The easiest being DHCP :-) .
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    If you have to connect via lan and want to assign a static ip, then just do this--
    1--Go to the upper right part of your panel,click on your network icon and click on edit connections.
    2--A new window will be popped out,just click on the ADD button.
    3--Now you have to write the MAC address of your pc,just put the cursor on the blank field and it will display the format in which you have to write this.
    4--You can get to know your MAC address just by typing eth0 the hardware address will be given,it is your mac address.
    5--Just come to IPV4 tab,set the method manually and fill your ip,subnet mask and gateway and dns..
    6--Now click on apply.

    You can also do this thing with the help of the terminal but first try with gui..

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