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Thread: help connecting to a windows network

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    help connecting to a windows network

    I hava little expirience with linux
    and i installed Ubuntu 7.10 as a second OS on my laptop
    i am trying to connect to the university network
    which is a ethernet windows network and requires username and password

    a friend of mine told me that i should configure the wpa_supplicant package
    he mentioned something to create an interface for eth0
    i dont know how to do this


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    We need more info to be able to help you.

    What type of network your university run? How does IP address get assigned such as via dhcp, static IP, PDC based logging in, wireless network? When you authenticate with username and password, are you logging into domain controller?

    Wpa-supplicant is solely used with wireless networks which use WPA keys. Does your Uni's network support that?

    Eth0 is for ethernet wired card. Does your Linux install recognize your network card? How did you configured it ( dhcp or static? ). Wireless cards use something like wlan0.
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