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Thread: Mandriver Powerpack Installation problems

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    Mandriver Powerpack Installation problems

    I have recently obtained a copy of Mandriver Powerpack. I have installed Mandrake live. No problem at all. My problem is when I try to install Mandriver Powerpack. It goes through the usual check.. Finding hardware etc. It then starts to load it into memory. Part of the way through this I get an error message... Fatal Error During Installation... then it shuts down. I have tried three drives so far.. all checked and working ok. I have also tried the various boot options contained in the Install readme file. Nothing works. I have used the manufactures cd to check the drives. All are 100% ok. I am a pretty experienced windows user but this is no help at all. I have also tried to perform an upgrade of Mandriver live with the Powerpack dvd.. No joy there either.. I am totaly stuck on what to do. Mandriver live installs on all the drives ok.Any help would be very appreciated..

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    what computer are you trying to install it on?
    laptop? desktop? type of processor, chipset, motherboard, drives. graphic board....
    did you deactivate the anti virus in the bios before installing (the mbr protection)?

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    Forget Mandriver

    Ive given up with mandriver and installed Linspire instead.Installed with no problems at all. Glad I was given the Mandriver and didnt purchase it. The fact that Linspire installed first time and no problems suggests to me that Mandriver is the at fault and not my system. Thanks to nounou for trying to help. I appreciate it. :-)

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    is it really mandrivA 2008 powerpack that you tried installing or an older version?
    well you got one distribution working in the end...

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