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Thread: ZEN mystery

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    Unhappy ZEN mystery

    Trying to do an update, when I get the message "Synchronizing with ZENworks" it just sits there for ages and then times out.

    On aborting, I then get the message "Service added to Yast but could not be synchronized with ZENworks", not surprisingly.

    Then I get "Error - Cannot write settings to ZMD".

    Please, what is going on, or rather not going on, and anyway what is ZENworks??

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    I see zenworks at boot up on my computer at work, we authenticate against a Netware server and use ZEN for application delivery (when I saw this thread, I originally thought you meant Xen). Anyway, the important part for linux is here:

    Linux Management leverages the Red Carpet software package which manages RPM packages installed on Linux workstations and servers. At this time, software installation, updates and rollbacks are handled with varying degrees of reliability. Novell provides updates with bug fixes and security patches on RPMs that are distributed with their commercial (SUSE) Linux products.

    Is ZMD enabled? I don't work with SuSE, but I looked this up:
    YaST-->system-->system services and enable novell-zmd. That will start it at boot.

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    A little off topic, but how is Zenlinux? I heard its for lower end systems, is it cut down in any way? Or is it fully functional like Ubuntu?

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