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Thread: Problems with configuring squid in SLED10

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    Problems with configuring squid in SLED10

    Im definitely NOT a network manager, but sometimes I have to....

    I sit on a SuSE Enterprise Desktop 10.
    I am in a LAN: 10.x.y.z/
    I have to go through the proxy: 64.a.b.c/ which is in the next town to reach the internet.

    In the squid.conf file, I read:
    -----the line "acl allowed_hosts src should be replaced with your own".

    Can anyone tell me where I can find these parameters??
    Thank you in advance...


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    the line you posted, "acl allowed_hosts src should be replaced with your own", mean replace the with your network. From your posting, it will be 10.x.y.0

    acl allowed_hosts src 10.x.y.0/

    Of course you want to fully put your network, not the x.y. but the actual numbers.

    If after changing that line in the squid config file, if you still aren't able to browse the web using the proxy, look at the logs to determine if your 'network' is being changed by another router somewhere between you and the proxy.

    Let us know how this works out for you.


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    Still problems with configuring squid in SLED10

    Hi S9,
    thank you for your answer.

    I used the values 10.x.y.0/ earlier today.
    The log rcsquid reads: "FATAL: Bungled squid.conf line 1830: acl allowed_host scr 10.x.y.0/

    I ca also not ping -c3 64.a.b.c
    The ping stops at 10.x.y.1

    Can you please guide me further


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    ok, a little more info will be needed. You mention 10.x.y.z as your network, 10.x.y.1 is of course your default gateway. You also mentioned 64.a.b.c as a proxy. Where is the squid proxy you are trying to config in relation to these different networks, in the 10 network or the 64 network or inbetween on a completely different network?


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    Some info on 10.x.y.1 might be helpful too. Is it a firewall, a simple router, a proxy/router, what?

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    Some more info

    Hi -S9-, thank you for your answer.
    May be this can give a better picture of my networkproblem:
    I have a filserver on 10.x.y.42/ with LDAP Authentication and NFS file system. The fileserver have one networkcard.
    Connected to this server, via two simple switches, are 2 clients (30 more to come) configured with DHCP.

    I have started the squid service on the filserver and on two clients to access internett directly on 64.a.b.214/
    On all boxes Firefox is configured with proxyvalues 64.a.b.214 at port 8080 (- or 80).
    I do not know wether there is anything between my LAN and the proxy at 64.a.b.214/

    I have the understanding that it is possible for the clients to access the internett through the proxy (in the next town) 64.a.b.214/,
    without going via the fileserver.

    From the client Linuxbox I can not ping 64.a.b.214 "Network unreachable".
    When I connect a Mac to the net, instead of a client, the ping is OK.


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    I am very confused by your setup. You state the default gateway is 10.x.y.1 which isn't the server 10.x.y.42. You also state you are pointing your client machines to a proxy on another network, 64.a.b.214. You are installing Squid on 10.x.y.42 but not pointing your local clients to it. When you plug your mac in, you have internet access but when you plug the linux client in, no access.

    I am not going to be able to help you because I am not clear about your setup and your intention. Maybe someone else has read over these posts and can clear it up some.


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