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Thread: my new FreeBSD tutorial/wiki

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    Smile my new FreeBSD tutorial/wiki

    because i have wasted endless time
    figuring out and researching why i couldnt get FreeBSD going the way i wanted it
    [kde, Firefox, etc] i wrote this to hopefully save others this hassle.
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    This is one of the main reasons why I like live CDs with installer, they are usually quick and easy to install.

    Live CD (FreeBSD) with installer that I know of, TrueBSD, Frenzy and Freesbie old version (FreeBSD 5.5), not the latest Freesbie (version 2) it dropped the HD installer.

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    What USB keyboards and mice are you having troubles with? I've seen a Logitech G15 keyboard, and a MX1000 be picked up on a fresh install no issues, and before even compiling a custom kernel. I guess it depends if you are trying to use the XFree mouse driver, or the FBSD mouse daemon, which picks up just about anything.

    You can always add that ~/.xinitrc controls what desktop environment you start with, when using startx. Also, don't forget, even though FBSD doesn't install it X by default, KDM, XDM, and GDM are there. You can make a FBSD system boot up to a flashy graphical login screen, that way no one has to mess with the CLI.

    I know a lot of people have had issues installing FBSD without some sort of background, but I think the main issue I've seen was disk slices/partitions. Of course, PC-BSD has completely eliminated the need for any knowledge of installing FBSD.

    Good tips for the first user, and getting them started.
    arrogance breeds ignorance

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