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Need some help
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Thread: Need some help

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    Need some help

    Ok , Im new so please be easy

    Im trying to do a few things with this install .
    Try to open my mind to a os other than winblows. =)

    fun FAH as i hear it is faster in Linux and run a cs server.

    So why does apt-get not work ?
    and why after I run hldsupdatetool.bin (csserver) it is trying to uncompress a file called steam . I was able to do this very easy with Ubuntu. But this os is saying this "sh: uncompress: command not found"

    Im trying to run updates but I dont really know where to start is there a guide on what to install I didnt see any stickeys .
    When I try and install things it says Sorry, the following packages can't be selected:

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    well...no apt-get on mandriva...it is urpmi
    you can have a look at easyurpmi website to define the repositories then it is urpmi nameofprogram. to install urpme nameofprog to uninstalle urpmq name of prog to query.
    urpmi.update -a is to update database and urpmi --auto-select is to update all packages if there is update available.
    and you have the mandriva control center that gives you all in graphical.

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    I find rpmdrake very useful, it's on your menu

    System > Configuration > Packaging > Install, Remove and Update Software

    You can also add other repositories to it using


    I added all the PLF ones

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