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Thread: Graphics driver and os update help needed.

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    Unhappy Graphics driver and os update help needed.

    Hello everyone!

    I'm new to Linux. I'm running the latest release of mandrive free on a fujitsu-siemens lifebook c1020. I'm fully intending that when I get the hang of it, and can find apps that do what I need, I'm going to purge MS from my life - Hurrah!

    At present there are (actually, more than) two things which are giving me difficulty;

    1) I'm having trouble finding a driver for the built in graphics card; It's an S3 ProSavageDDR VT8751. I though it was running ok till I tried google earth, which runs so slow it's unuseable. It's telling me I am running a graphics emulation, I think because it doesn't like the driver i'm trying to use, but as I say, I can't find a proper alternative. Help me!

    2) I can't use Mandrake's update command because it says it can't find the proper paths to the four installation cds. I thought it would update from the web. How can I make it work? Help me!

    I would really appreciate your help, please be gentle with me, I don't seem to understand much at all!

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    Not a clue about the graphics card ...

    But you can add on-line 'repositories' by using the 'media manager' in "Install & Remove Software" and adding 'official updates' and 'distribution sources'.

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    I know there is kernel support for the S3 cards... Look at /etc/X11/xorg.conf, look for a section called "Device" and then look for a "driver" line, do you see something like s3 in there or do you see something like vesa?
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    first, for the update there is no CD4 for the free version.
    you can go to the mandriva control center then select software administration then sources configuration (or settings don't know really in english )...
    and you deactivate all entries exit and go to update it'll tell you that it has to download the mirror list the next steps are a kind of yes yes ok ok yes select any country and ok!
    now for your graphic card I'm not sure it support graphic acceleration that is needed for google earth.
    I think your card should be seen as prosavage DDR
    did you look in the control center? in the config of X server if your graphic board is detected correctly? if yes then nothing much to do , if it is not recognized then select the appropriate one in the list, and once selected if there is possible hardware acceleration it might ask you if you want to use it or not....
    Be careful if you choose the wrong one you might loose the graphical interface and end up with a simple terminal...
    in that case, login as root, enter your password and type drakconf, you'll be under the config tool usable without X, go to display (you need to use the tab key and the'll easily figure out) and change the type of graphic board int the config and exit
    type init 3
    and then init 5
    you should be back to the graphical login screen.
    if you want to add more sources to you mirror list like plf or other then go to the easy urpmi website it is well explained

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