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Thread: Filesystem not clean

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    Unhappy Filesystem not clean

    I am using Frenzy1 (based on FreeBSD6.1) installed on the hard disk, every so and so the system crashes, mainly when I play with it tweaking it, etc... I don't mind the crash but then when it reboots I can not get FreeBSD to start again, it freezes rebooting in the middle and I get the message:
    / was not properly dismounted
    R/W mount of / denied. Filesystem is not clean

    And thats it, the only way around it is reinstalling.

    Any clue about what I can do or what provoques that message so I may not do it again?

    Notice that I have no command prompt because the computer freezes in the middle of the boot and does not give me a change to use the command for anyting, I tried booting in single and safe mode but the same thing happens.


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    Do a `cat /etc/fstab` and find what drive mounts to "/".

    Boot into single user mode, and run:

    fsck -p /dev/ad0

    (replace ad0 with the drive you found in the fstab)
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