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Thread: Mandrake to mandriva

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    Mandrake to mandriva

    I just installed mandrake 10 ( only because i had it ) is there a way to upgrade or do i need to do a new install of mandriva.

    And while i'm on the subject is the free version of mandriva worth downloading?

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    well when you boot onto the install CD (DVD) you have the choice upgarde or clean it is up to you but all is possible!
    now if your /home is on a separated partition as well as all other personal files...
    then a clean install is faster.
    I've been a bit disapointed by the latest mandriva but it is still worth it if you use and old mandrake version...

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    If you install one new mandrake and not uninstall the older version, it will ask you, asked is whether you want to install or upgrade; even if you have an older version of Mandrake installed, it is often wiser to do an install than an upgrade. People have reported problems with the result in case of an upgrade from some older Mandrake installation.

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