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Thread: keyboard not working in KDE

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    keyboard not working in KDE

    I don't know what I did...However; my keyboard stopped working in KDE.
    It works everywhere else. I have several desktops, gnome,xfree etc, it works there. At the login window and in grub menu, the keyboard works, but when I log into KDE, only the mouse works.
    I don't know where to begin to resolve this.
    Please help

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    Is it a multiboot machine with a different desktop for each version of the operating system? If so, the system-config-keyboard command should help to set things straight.

    Can you get into one of the virtual terminals? <ctrl-alt-F2...F6>?

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    Hum...that worked in Fedora but not in mandriva

    I have a duel boot, Fedora Core 6 and Mandriva 2007 free. I like them both.

    When I tried system-config-keyboard in Fedora, all I was able to configure was the language, nothing else.

    When I tried the same command in Mandriva, there is no such command in either root, or non root.

    I looked at the difference between /etc/X11/xorg.conf in Mandriva and Fedora, the only difference was keyboard1 and keyboard0. I tried using the Fedora configuration and it didn't work in Mandriva.

    I'm stumped here.

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    hey goldstar,

    I stumbled across this post googling for the same problem you are facing. The way I resolved it left me laughing at myself so perhaps you have the same issue. My keyboard was in fact working, but I had managed to turn on 'Slow Keys' without realizing it. Try edit ~/.kde/share/config/kaccessrc and set SlowKeys=false

    Hope this solves your or someone else's problem as this is one of the first relevant threads that come up in a google search for 'Keyboard not working kde' .


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    did you try configuring your keyboard using drakconf under root?
    this mandriva utility is quite good...
    PS: it works as well in a simple console in text mode... as root of course

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    I dont have a VM of MDK 2007 handy, but for reference, system-config-blah is only for Red Hat, CentOS, and Fedora at this time. Unless some fella ported those to MDK, those just arent there and thus wont do anything. Its a Red Hat CLI/GUI thing to have those commands available.

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    Keyboard not working in KDE

    My keyboard stoped working when I was to quick to answer Ok in a dialogbox.
    Editing ~/.kde/share/config/kaccessrc and set SlowKeys=false, solved the problem.

    Is there a way to permanently disable SlowKeys?


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    what if you put that file in read only ?

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    I was searching the web for this problem and found this thread, it fixed my problems so I felt compelled to create an account so I could thank you all

    Vaugley remember clicking to fast through a "slow keys" dialogue but I assumed it was the one from opera, not KDE


    problem solved now though

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    Will "SlowKeys=false" permanently disable this feature ?? Or will holding 'Shift' for some time again enable it ??
    I managed to turn this on playing "Enemy Territory:Quake Wars" where I use 'shift' for sprinting

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