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Thread: how to mount usb flash drive

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    how to mount usb flash drive

    hiii forum ,
    i am a new user of RHEL 4.0 .plz tell me how to mount a usb flash drive in the system. i have tried kudzu and dont know exactly how to do..?

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    Cool hi

    hi budy
    i solve ur problem in sunday night keep smile
    r u doing rhce.

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    shouldn't gnome-volume-manager and HAL take care of this automatically when you stick it in?

    if it doesn't on RHEL4 (it will at least in the upcoming RHEL5 since I know that software is included there) you can manually mount it with the mount command - an example of use would be:

    mount /dev/sda1 /media/usbdisk (naturally adjust to fit your environment, the device node can be different and you might like another destination)
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    gnome-volume-manager - its GREAT!!
    telnet 1701

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    hi buddy
    first u install a usb driver in pc . then use kudzu u will find a succed

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    thank u....

    hiii all..
    thank u all for ur early reply. and i did that and succeded
    #mount /dev/sda1 /media/usbdisk
    #cd /media/usbdisk
    my problem is solved.
    and i am doing preparing for RHCE thats why using RHEL 4.0.
    once again thanks forum
    merry christmas

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    Smile tex


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