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How do I remove Content Advisor?
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Thread: How do I remove Content Advisor?

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    http://www.icra.org/support/contentadvisor/#3 ...states that
    3.3 How do I remove Content Advisor?

    Content Advisor is part of Microsoft Internet Explorer, not a separate piece of software that you can uninstall.

    However, as there is a link to this website within Content Advisor, ICRA receives a number of requests for help with Microsoft's software due to a single problem that has several different symptoms, including:

    * Content Advisor has enabled itself and assigned itself a password;
    * Internet Explorer is giving 'Error - missing information" messages when the browser is started;
    * Content Advisor is not being disabled even after the correct procedure is followed;
    * Content Advisor is not storing settings or Approved Sites list correctly;
    * Content Advisor is not filtering any sites, even ones I have marked as Never being accessible through the Approved Sites list.

    If you are running Windows 2000 or Windows XP you will need to contact Microsoft support directly for help with this.

    If you are running Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT or Windows ME the problem can be solved by following a number of steps for which we have provided step by step guides. Please choose from the links below.
    Next steps:

    * If you are using Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT, please click here.
    * If you are using Windows ME please click here.
    * If you are using any other version of Windows, please see Microsoft support
    ....I am using Internet Explorer 6 in Win XP SP 2...How do i remove the content advisor?

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    If you can't uninstall it, then just disable it. That would be a lot simpler.

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    ya , how

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    have you tried the disable link first sameface?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sameface View Post
    I am using Windows 98 and IE5.0.
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    Tap on Start and pick Run.

    Sort in RegEdit and select OK.

    Click the in addition to sign for H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

    Proceed down through:







    Tap on the Ratings envelope.

    In the right sheet of the RegEdit window, you'll see a symbol called Key.

    Tap on it and press Delete.

    Exit the registry proofreader

    Restart the PC and run Internet Explorer once more.

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