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Thread: kernel panic after playing with Partition magique

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    Unhappy kernel panic after playing with Partition magique

    well...lets try to explain what did happen.
    mandriva 2007 (dual boot) running fine until I decide to boot on windows and pass the D: from NTFS to fat to allow writing under linux without recompiling the kernel
    go to win run partition magique and all goes fine until I try to boot my mandriva...
    it's well broken...
    go into rescue console and discover that in the fstab I have hda 9 pointing to /home and hda10 to / ....this in my memory was the boot on a live cd to make sure and ...I was right...there have been an inversion somewhere along the process...
    invert /home and / in fstab....NO CHANGE !!!!
    therefore, fed up to mess around as I have more to do than finding the decent way to fix it I did an update from install DVD after 60 seconds all ok...reboot all fine...
    what could have been the problem?
    could it have been lilo that messed up as well as fstab?
    what is the procedure when you altere the partitions under windows (if you merge two for example) and want to still be able to run your linux system....
    as my main PC is running 5 hard drives with each one a few partitions and the day one fails I want to be able to carry on running

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    I'd think partition magic would just relocate the files when you change partition sizes.

    It wouldn't be a good idea for the developers of the software to also modify the contents of your configuration files too. They really wouldn't have any idea about what you want to achieve.

    Manually editing files after the fact may be tedious, but it makes sure you have full control.

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    yes but restoring the drive order didn't solve anything...or did I mess up something else?
    I'll never know as it is working now and I don't try to fix something that ain't broken...I think I'll just wait for one of my drives to die and then start experimenting (after having been crying for a while )

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