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    Web Hosting

    Hey Guys (and gals?),
    I currently have a website being hosted by a regular hosting compnay. I want to do the hosting myself. I installed Fedora on a PC, the website is up. ( I can surf it localdomain). What is my next step. I have a static IP I can use. How do I get the www to look to my IP for my website?



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    Next step

    Same reason I ever picked up the linux discs and installed them too!

    Have you worked any with apache server?

    This is how you will serve content, I suggest starting with or with any HOWTOs you find on apache, that's how I learned. For the getting the internet to forward requests specifically to you... that I'm still learning, but I'll see if I can confuse you further.

    Option: Go with a hosting company that does IP forwarding (or something like it). Essentially somebody goes to and hit's the host's IP server, who then redirects the request to your IP address.

    Option: DNS. Setting up the box or another box as a DNS server and then setting it up as an authoratative nameserver. This is where it gets deep, and since I am still learning just how deep it is, I can say that it appears to be the most inexpensive (yet worrysome, and difficult) way to accomplish getting your domain available to the world.

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    Dear cmoughan,

    Setup your DNS Server or use third pary DNS server Refer to below Links.

    Best Regards.
    Frrkh hmd

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