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Thread: http server help

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    http server help

    what i have:

    I'm running Red Hat 9 with apache 2 and i have a web server set up to host my own site,, internally (don't like paying for hosting). everything works perfectly the way i have it set up at the moment.

    what i want:

    recently i decided to put up a second and possibly a third site, &, but i have had no success in getting this set up on my server.

    I guess what I'm asking for here is, what exactly do i need in order to make virtual hosts work. i have done LOTS of reading on setting up the virtual hosts themselves inside of apache, but they still don't seem to work. would i need to set up my own DNS, or maybe set up some port forwarding in my router that I'm missing, or what.

    i think I'm missing something very fundamental here and its preventing my virtual hosts from working. or maybe what I'm trying to do is not even possible on my current set up with only one IP address, i just don't know.

    any advice would be great.

    sincerely, newb in need

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    Dear eckertc1,

    Do you have more then one static IP Addresses ?

    If Yes, then you can use apache VirtualHost Tag

    If you don't, then you need to do named based hosting. Please read this manual.

    Best Regards.
    Färrükh Ähmëd

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    You'll probably have to setup DNS internally to test it.

    If you don't want to set up DNS there is another way. This would be to edit your Linux/Windows hosts file (on the machine running the web browser) to make and point to the IP address of of the web server.

    A link outlining this can be found at: under "Testing Your Website Before DNS Is Fixed"

    The browser will read the hosts file and leave the information in the Layer 7 part of the request, but will send the packet to the IP address listed in the hosts file. (If there is no hosts file entry, then the browser relies on DNS to determine the IP address to be used as the destination. )

    The web server, receives the packet, reads the layer 7 information about and uses this to send you the conent. This is the host headers information that LinuxFreak was talking about.

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