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Thread: Fedora Boot up

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    Fedora Boot up

    hi! whenever I run Fedora Core on my PC there are a lot of daemons that start up when I am not using them.. how can make my boot up faster by disabling these daemons on startup?


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    Re:Fedora Boot up

    I forget the exact location, but in the System folder, there should be an icon for Services. Run that and select runlevel 5. Then go thru and stop any service (like sendmail, apache, isdn, etc) that isnt needed. Save and reboot to see the change.

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    Re:Fedora Boot up

    the name of the executable is: system-config-services

    note: all the configuration tools from fedora start with system-config

    so just type system-config in a shell, press TAB and see what comes up and you'll always find what you need

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    Re:Fedora Boot up

    Thanks! I got it working. ;D

    i found out that you can also do:


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