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Thread: Proprietary Distros

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    Proprietary Distros

    What are your views on these proprietary distros that are out? Lindows and Xandros, Suse even.. that include proprietyary components? I dont know much personally on them, but i think maybe it is something to look for the future of the community. It is good that people are switching to gnu/linux, but do you think that if people widely adopt these proprietary versions that it may offset the community's purpose of having users embrace a free operating system? granted there are distros out there given to us that are truly free but it just seems like the further linux is getting to the desktop, slowly some proprietary components are starting to show their faces. Maybe someone can shed some light on the issue for me?

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    Re:Proprietary Distros

    I believe there's a good future for Xandros

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    Re:Proprietary Distros

    I have no problem with it. In fact, I think it would be good to see more proprietary software (Adobe, Macromedia) being ported to Linux.

    The core components of Linux (and GNU) are free. No reason not to add value-added stuff with it, especially if you are a business and want to make money.

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    Re:Proprietary Distros

    Indeed. While there is a percentage of Linux/OSS users who are Freedom zealots, there is also a percentage of users who don't mind paying for good software, and use Linux for all of its other features - stable, secure, frequently updated, LOTS of software to do just about any given task, etc.

    And I've happily paid my $$$ for Quake3 (l33t linux tin edition), got most of the Loki titles as well. And I'll happily pay for a natvie Dreamweaver/Fireworks/Flash studio, more games, and other software I may need in the future.

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    Re:Proprietary Distros

    Paying for linux software will increase the amount of companies that develop the software. Idealy everything being free would be great, but no software company would jump on the linux train unless there was $$$ involved.

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    Re:Proprietary Distros

    ya it would be great if all software were free, though i suppose some software is better closed like games and such. we dont need a bunch of cheaters =P

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    Re:Proprietary Distros

    [quote author=burntash link=board=12;threadid=8631;start=0#msg78067 date=1075951513]
    ya it would be great if all software were free, though i suppose some software is better closed like games and such. we dont need a bunch of cheaters =P

    Security through obscurity is not good security. I'm not saying that games need to be free, but a reason for keeping them closed being security is crap.

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    Re:Proprietary Distros

    if proprietary distros want to exist they can it is not harming the community. in fact they may earn more trust than a straight open source distro.

    regardless it does not really matter what happens the majority of the linux community will prevent linux from being much more than a contender with apple and the bsds. the trend in linux seems to be view anything that tries to make money as an evil empire (ever wonder why open source project may not advance as quickly as you like? when you work for free you can't afford to work on it full time)

    personally i applaud any distro that wants to try and earn some money for theri developers (and users for the open source community).

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