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About the Site

General information about Linux Home Networking.

Linux Home Networking PDF Chapters

Covers topics needed for Linux software certification exams, such as the RHCE, and many computer training courses. There is also a companion Cisco PDF for home / branch office configurations.

The Linux File Server Project

Ch01 Why Host Your Own Site?

Ch02 Introduction to Networking

Ch03 Linux Networking

Ch04 Simple Network Troubleshooting

Ch05 Troubleshooting Linux with syslog

Ch06 Installing Linux Software

Ch07 The Linux Boot Process

Ch08 Configuring the DHCP Server

Ch09 Linux Users and Sudo

Ch10 Windows, Linux, and Samba

Ch11 Sharing Resources with Samba

Ch12 Samba Security and Troubleshooting

Ch13 Linux Wireless Networking

The Linux Website Project

Ch14 Linux Firewalls Using iptables

Ch15 Linux FTP Server Setup

Ch16 Telnet, TFTP, and xinetd

Ch17 Secure Remote Logins and File Copying

Ch18 Configuring DNS

Ch19 Dynamic DNS

Ch20 The Apache Web Server

Ch21 Configuring Linux Mail Servers

Ch22 Monitoring Server Performance

Ch23 Advanced MRTG for Linux

Ch24 The NTP Server

Advanced Linux Topics

Ch25 Network-Based Linux Installation

Ch26 Linux Software RAID

Ch27 Expanding Disk Capacity

Ch28 Managing Disk Usage with Quotas

Ch29 Remote Disk Access with NFS

Ch30 Configuring NIS

Ch31 Centralized Logins Using LDAP and RADIUS

Ch32 Controlling Web Access with Squid

Ch33 Modifying the Kernel to Improve Performance

Ch34 Basic MySQL Configuration

Ch35 Configuring Linux VPNs

Ap01 Miscellaneous Linux Topics

Ap02 Codes, Scripts, and Configurations

Ap03 Fedora Version Differences

Ap04 syslog Configuration and Cisco Devices

Data Center Relocation PDF Chapters

This section outlines the rationale for either considering hosting your own website in a data center run by a third party or for migrating your existing servers from one data center to another. It covers the cost justification for making such a decision, data center selection criteria, detailed preparation steps, and comprehensive action plans. It also includes a wide range of work sheets aimed at making the migration job easier.

Chapter 1 - Justification

Chapter 2 - Preparation

Chapter 3 - Post Relocation Activities

Appendix I - Relocation Check Sheets

Appendix II - Selecting an ISP

Cisco PDF Chapters

Ch01: Configuring Cisco PIX Firewalls

Ch02: Configuring Cisco DSL Routers

Ch03: Cisco SOHO VPNs

Appendix 1: syslog Configuration and Cisco Devices

Miscellaneous Linux Topics (Non PDF)

I've placed some additional chapters here covering topics like "Network Device Configuration Backups" that are not part of the Linux PDF set.

Ch1 : Network Backups With Rancid

  • Introduction
  • Rancid Installation
  • Initial Rancid Configuration
  • Rancid File Locations
  • Rancid File Locations
  • The Rancid router.db file
  • Various device types for Rancid
  • The Rancid .clogin.rc file
  • Testing Rancid
  • Testing A Login for a Single Device
  • Testing For All Devices
  • Troubleshooting Using the Rancid Log Files
  • Successful Execution
  • Possible Reasons for Failure
  • Getting Rancid Help
  • Conclusion