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Feel free to email me at my Simiya.com art site with any comments or suggestions about the site.

My Resume

Please take a look at my resume to see what I do and have done.


During the ".com" gold rush, I decided to set up a small website dedicated to art from my native Caribbean. Websites were cool and the web hosting company I used made it so easy with their GUI web interface.

One day at work I overheard some friends saying that they were hosting their websites from home using their DSL line. There was no GUI, but they made it seem easy. They convinced me to buy a second hand PC, get Linux and move Simiya literally "in-house" to save $10 per month.

Of course extending my UNIX skills to Linux wasn't so easy. I generally found a majority of Linux resources on the web to be either too detailed, too vague or just inaccurate. There were many excellent articles on specific topics, but they were usually part of a general interest publication, and information on related topics on the same site was sometimes hard to find.

There just wasn't a site out there for intermediate Linux home users who wanted to get their feet wet in web hosting, nor did there seem to be any similar sites targeting the poor IT people who are told to "get Linux working by tomorrow".

After a few months I decided that no one should have to repeat my pain and I added some technical pages to the art site. Soon, Linux Home Networking was born.

The site has grown significantly from its first page on wireless Linux. Features now include:

I'd like to thank everyone who made this site a success. My family, the millions of visitors like you, my co-workers, and Prentice Hall.


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I try my best, but I'm not perfect.

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