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Thread: Board brand

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    Board brand

    these are the main ones that I see on

    the system would be an athlon 64 3000+.

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    Re:Board brand

    I'm going with Asus based completely on experience. My asus board has been chugging away happily for 3+ years now without a hitch. I've seen just about every other piece of hardware on the machine hiccup or die, but the mobo has remained reliable. Then again, I have no idea how they'll play with the x86-64 chipset.

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    Re:Board brand

    yeah, im disapointed doesnt have the epox board for a64. i have an epox board that is 2 years old and still running better then my 1 year old soyo

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    Re:Board brand

    I always liked Gigabyte especially the dual bios ;D saved my ass soo many times ;D

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    Re:Board brand

    On my personal experience;

    For ease/stability, go with Asus or Intel (of course, no Athlon 64 for Intel...).

    For performance, go with Soyo.

    For features, Gygabit...

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    Re:Board brand

    ive seen three soyos go bad..i dont trust them anymore..ive seen a gigabyte go bad (all within the first 3-4 months otherwise it doesnt count), so im weary. and asus ive never seen anything go bad

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    Re:Board brand

    my favorite MB manufacture is Tyan - they may great boards and have excellent Linux support.

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    Re:Board brand

    I bought a FIC board, piece of crap, had to pull it out. Replaced it with one from ABIT (KV7), very happy with it ...

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    Re:Board brand

    I dislike FIC boards too >:|

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    Re:Board brand

    if i seem picky about brand, its because i cannot stand having stuff go bad.

    (just so you guys know)

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