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Thread: rat cam

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    rat cam

    you know what would be cool?

    to get a rat and create a web cam that is always fucused on the rat, to show the activities of it.

    but what would I need to accomplish such a thing?

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    Re:rat cam

    1.) Find a rat
    2.) Attach a wireless camera to it's head.
    3.) Set up a website to stream the signal from the camera.

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    Re:rat cam


    no, imean like what cameras work well with linux and what software do i need to capture a couple pics every second?

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    Re:rat cam

    I thought webcams couldn't work in linux ???

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    Re:rat cam

    where did you hear that? ive seen it before. but when ive seen it, it was more like a website that refreshed 10 times a second.

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    Re:rat cam

    someguy on the skytrain

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    Re:rat cam

    rather or not you can do a webcam via msn or yahoo is questionable. thatis, i have no clue. but i know you can run cam servers...

    i wish i had the know-how to make a video-confrencing program for linux..that would be cool

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    Re:rat cam

    Thats what I was talking about was MSN/Yahoo I don't own a webcam but I do want to see my friends, There is software in the Fedora APT for webcam viewing I think thats it ??? ???

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    Re:rat cam

    i am pretty sure gmoreno has done this

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    Re:rat cam

    Actually, a few nights ago I was talking to a guy in a bar who's been involved in research with neural signalling. Basically they're able to control the physical actions of rats by hooking up this thing to their brain. I told him he should interface the thing with a playstation controller and have a fight to the death between two rats. He said he'd consider it ;D


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