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Thread: The Next Playstation (PSX)

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    The Next Playstation (PSX)

    I found this today while looking for my next game I want to buy (GT4 ;D)

    lookin good I might just buy it ;D ;D

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    Re:The Next Playstation (PSX)

    ohhh shiny...

    seriously, what's on the inside and how much does it kick my new XBOX's ass ?

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    Re:The Next Playstation (PSX)

    The base model of the two has: 160GB HD, DVD-R(W) burner, Standard DVD/CD Player, DVR, (HD)TV Tuner, graphic slideshow off CD, many networking functions, and more. It's pretty darn sweet machine, but it isn't the next playstation really, it's just the new and improved PS2.

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    Re:The Next Playstation (PSX)

    I heard it was going to use a G5 processor - that would be sweet.

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    Re:The Next Playstation (PSX)

    [quote author=pbharris link=board=14;threadid=8373;start=0#msg75976 date=1072713517]
    I heard it was going to use a G5 processor - that would be sweet.

    This is what it uses the new EE+GS combination processor.

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    Re:The Next Playstation (PSX)

    I thought the EE was an IBM-based chip? so it could very well be a G5 or similar

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    Re:The Next Playstation (PSX)

    Emotion engine? Wow .... this game is ...... great! Oh PSX. You are my true love.


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    Re:The Next Playstation (PSX)

    doesnt PSX reffer to the original playstation though?

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    Re:The Next Playstation (PSX)

    I thought they called that slimmed-down revision of the PlayStation the PS1, and I thought that PSX was used to refer to the PS, PS1, and PS2 at the same time.. Not sure. I haven't done much lately with this stuff, so I am not sure.

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