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Thread: Mac (G3) and Instant Messengers

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    Mac (G3) and Instant Messengers

    Is there an equivalent to Trillian/Kopete/Gaim that works on Mac so I don't have to keep that many different programs open at once? Thanks in advance!

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    Re:Mac (G3) and Instant Messengers

    Something like this?

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    Re:Mac (G3) and Instant Messengers

    I turn my back for a sec, and LC answers! ;D

    Oh well. At least I have a different answer. :P


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    Re:Mac (G3) and Instant Messengers

    Next I'll perform the miracle of teaching everyone to search google

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    Re:Mac (G3) and Instant Messengers

    Gaim works on mac, but you gotta install GTK/X11 to use it. Adium is an aim client, I don't know if it can do any other protocols or not.

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