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Thread: Neverwinter Nights problems

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    Neverwinter Nights problems

    Hi guys I just bought NWN today and I have a problem I keep getting this errot when I try to start nwmain

    ./nwmain: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared
    object file: No such file or directory

    and when I just run nwn I have to keep entering my cd key also when I try to create or use a premade charater it says module not found.

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    Re:Neverwinter Nights problems

    ok one problem left only root can create a new character and use pre made ones. ???

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    Re:Neverwinter Nights problems

    well after a lot of searching I still have not found answer to my problem. It sucks only root can play > But I well continue searching.

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    Re:Neverwinter Nights problems

    WOOHOO I can now play as a normal user ;D ;D ;D

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    Re:Neverwinter Nights problems


    I'm glad you could get it to work. Can you post how you did it, in case someone else needs the info?


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    Re:Neverwinter Nights problems

    ok I was curiousity that got me the answer ;D

    all I did was run nautilus and go to the /usr/local/games/ folder as root and right click on nwn folder and change the "file gorup" and "file owner" to my user name ;D and then voila it works ;D

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    Re:Neverwinter Nights problems

    Oh how do I make the desktop icon work??

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    Re:Neverwinter Nights problems

    you need to hack the script that loads nwn. Edit it to change to the dir before you actually run it. I am away at a friends, but if you look at the executable script in vi(m), (X)emacs, or gedit or whatever, you will se what I mean. That and for the dm client too. Should you want an icon.

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    Re:Neverwinter Nights problems

    Destop icon:

    Edit nwn to have

    cd /home/username/NeverWinter-Nights
    ./nwmain $@



    It works for me, it can work for you too! ;D

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    Re:Neverwinter Nights problems

    I had the same issue which was resolved in copying some of the lib files from /nwn/miles, of course the nwn command work just fine.

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