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    To: Lovechild

    Hey Lovechild. I remember a while back that u helped me with math but this time i don't need help with math i need help with something different.

    I got an TI-83 Plain Edition Graphing Calculator for Christmas and i was reading the Guide Book and i was on the first few pages and i was going to reset the memory to follow along with the book and i don't know what key to press on the Calculator for the MEM button. It says above the + sign but they would be the - sign so i hit that and i thought when someone hits the MEM button it suppose to display a MENU but when i hit that - sign it did not display a MENU. I know that u have a TI-83 that's why i made this topic directly at u. Thanx Lovechild for any help.

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    Re:To: Lovechild

    First off - the manual is WAY to comprensive to read for a mortal. I'll see if I can dig up the note collection my teacher gave us for DSP class, it had screenshots and nice things for teaching us to use the basic functions.

    the MEM key is set "2nd" so you need to hit the yellow "2nd" key first (hint - the yellow texts above the buttons need "2nd" the blue needs "alpha" to be hit first - the ones printed on the are the default actions)

    replace your 83 with a 89 or 92 model it's much easier for a beginner to understand the visuals on those models when it comes to fractions etc.

    I only have the 85 and 89 models so my directions are based of those models - they are true graph calculators I dunno about the 83.

    Does this mean you are finished being a troll towards me and that you are very sorry?

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    Re:To: Lovechild

    First: I don't understand a damn thing.
    Second: Do u want me to write out the instructions it says??
    Third: Yes i was sorry and i believe that i said that was before and i just said it again.

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    Re:To: Lovechild

    Okay near the top left corner of your interface there should be a yellow button labeled "2nd", hit that, then hit the + button.
    now your memory is cleared.

    you will notice that your buttons are labelled like this:

    yellow text blue text
    [ white text ]

    ( [ being the actual button ] )

    The yellow text indicates actions performed when you hit "2nd" before hitting that button. the Blue text indicates actions performed when you hit "alpha" (just below "2nd" - it's the BLUE button). if you just hit a button without performing a combination the default (white text) action with be performed.

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    Re:To: Lovechild

    cool. I got it after u told me to hit the 2nd and the + i followed along with my guide and now the memory is clearded.

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    Re:To: Lovechild

    Hey Lovechild.. First off. The reason why i got the TI-83 Calculator because my teacher checked with the other math teachers and they said they all require a TI-83 for thier classes. Did u ever get a chance to dig up those instructions that ur teacher gave u for DSP class?? How r u going to give them to me?? In e-mail or what?? Thanx man..

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    Re:To: Lovechild

    Once you tried working with a TI-89 and have seen the way it visualizes math in the correct way - you will not want to go back.

    just go to the store and ask them to demo one for you, and you'll see how useful it is.

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    Re:To: Lovechild


    I have a few questions for you. I'm going to come back and talk about the calculator but a few questions besides.

    When i said that i was sorry, do u believe me and do u accept it?? Also are u going to give me another chance?? After u answer these questions i have some questions about the calculator. Thanks LC..

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