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Thread: Wireless Card on Fedora

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    Wireless Card on Fedora


    I'm trying to get my wireless card to work under Fedora, but I can't get it to communicate.

    The card is a Blitzz NetWave BWP612. I am using a Netgear access point, set to allow only my mac address, and it has an Open (128bit) Wep key. It was set to not broadcast the SSID, but i read somewhere that the driver for this card does not support it, so it is now broadcasting it.

    I followed the directions on this page: , and it seems that the driver loads: The link and the lct lights come up. I see the card when I do ifconfig, but it does not get an ip through dhcp. if I do iwlist accesspoint, I see the macaddress of the accesspoint, so it makes me think it finds it and communicates with it.

    If I do a dhclient eth1, it eventually times out.

    I tried doing ifconfig eth1, but even though it gets it, i still can't ping the gatway or any other address.

    Can anyone think of anything I may have missed?

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    Re:Wireless Card on Fedora

    Well, after a couple of days of work, and switching to Slackware (sorry Fedora...) I got this thing to work.

    Now I just need to figure how to make it work on bootup...

    Does anyone know what is the correct modules.conf syntax, for binding a nic to eth0 and another to eth1?

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    Re:Wireless Card on Fedora

    Reinstalled Fedora and got it working.

    It seems that you have to assign it an ip address before doing any of the iwconfig things.

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    Re:Wireless Card on Fedora

    Just a suggestion, go without broadcasting as much as possible. As long as the SSID is correct all should be good. No reason to have radio broadcast exiting your home.

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    Re:Wireless Card on Fedora

    Well, I read somewhere this driver needed broadcasting, but right now it is not broadcasting, and it works good, so I will leave it like this.

    Thanks for the tip.

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