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Thread: Music download

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    Re:Music download

    [quote author=boblucci link=board=14;threadid=8338;start=0#msg75681 date=1072122749]
    I have a bunch of Frank Sinatra.......

    Now that is a talented singer. He and George Thorogood are my favorite singers. Billy Joel is a close third. He had an awesome A&E special a few years back.

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    Re:Music download

    Have you looked the song up at The song-in-question can be had for .88c US.


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    Re:Music download

    wow I got to try that for the next song I need.

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    Re:Music download

    not playing that game - ms windows only

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    Re:Music download

    "My advice is to just download the song of Gnutella and purchase something from the groups website (like a shirt, poster, single, etc..). That way you have given the band money and got what you wanted. If they take donations, do it that way."

    That's pretty good idea! Just remember to keep up with your receipt if anything happens later on.

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    Re:Music download

    [quote author=pbharris link=board=14;threadid=8338;start=#msg75708 date=1072159243]
    not playing that game - ms windows only
    mplayer is supposed to play/convert wma files, so that shouldn't be a problem unless they added some copy protection to it.

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    Re:Music download

    they did - they reuqire it to be on a PC connected to the internet with media player something.

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