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Thread: Wine issues

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    Wine issues

    ughh im getting sick of this message everytime i try to install and play halflife.

    "halflife requires 16 bit color. please change your desktop settings to hicolor. somethis this is called 32767 colors" or "65535 colors".

    does anyone know how to fix this even though my desktop runs at 24 bit

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    Re:Wine issues

    is this wine or wineX?

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    Re:Wine issues

    its the latest wine

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    Re:Wine issues

    This is going to sound stupid, but you have to use 16bit. It doesn't like 24 bit, it doesn't like 32bit, it will only work on 16bit. I had the same problem myself.

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    Re:Wine issues

    i'd recommend using wineX anyways...
    as for the 16 bit and what not, i have no clue because i haven't used wine in a while

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    Re:Wine issues

    I've tried both Wine and WineX but I can't get either of them to work :'(

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    Re:Wine issues

    are you using Slackware?

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    Re:Wine issues

    Yes I am

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    Re:Wine issues

    I had the same problem, but I haven't tried to fix it recently, I've been using X only for gaim...

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    Re:Wine issues

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