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Thread: KDE freeze up

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    KDE freeze up

    I have a slackware 9.0 system that freezes up when in X (KDE)
    It has frozen in many places and always will I am using a broswer
    KDE's. I read in google that I should be able to C-,A-,F#
    to a console, but that does not work.
    I seem to be stable here in Lynx though
    Is there something I should check? Like file system or maybe
    reinstall KDE. I didnot install gnome but did install
    windomaker. Is it a desktop and if so how do I start it?

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    Re:KDE freeze up

    EDIT: Deleted duplicate post.


    Usually, you can check the file /var/log/XFree86.log (I think that is the name) for errors.

    You have an NForce motherboard, right?

    Did you downloaded both the NForce chipset drivers and the NVidia drivers for it? (They are 2 separate downloads. The nforce drivers give you sound and network drivers. The Nvidia video driver gives you ...a video driver, duh. )

    This tells you how to install it.

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    Re:KDE freeze up

    By freeze-up do you mean you have to hit the reset button? I used to have problems like this when I was using agpgart compiled directly into the kernel. Recompiling my kernel with agpgart as a module fixed it. It's a long-shot, but something to keep in mind if you're desperate.

    Window maker isn't really a's a window manager. Linux desktops make the distinction between the program that manages how windows behave and appear on the screen (window manager) and things like cut-n-paste, drag-n-drop, session management, etc... (Desktop). Window maker is a very good window manager, but if you're used to a modern desktop you may find it somewhat lacking at first.

    A good call would be to determine whether it's X or KDE that's locking up. You mentioned it's always when you're using a browser? First thing I would do is install Mozilla Firebird ( ) and try using that (I assume you're using konq). See if it crashes. If it still does, give Gnome a shot (google for Dropline Gnome. Dropline Gnome is a slightly-modified version of Gnome tailored for's a benefit no other distro gets, and it's simply gorgeous IMHO). If that still crashes, it's a pretty safe bet that it's a problem with X. I'd infer it's your video drivers judging by the other posts you've made here. Try disabling any nvidia drivers you may have and using the stock XFree nvidia drivers ("Driver nv" instead of Driver nvidia).

    Hope one of those helps

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    Re:KDE freeze up

    first let me say thnaks to trickster for the help with getting video drivers installed. I did and it did not help, but still thanks I now have both 2.4.20 & 2.4.23 running with the gforce nvidia drivers instead of the nv drivers and have already froze once.

    tyr_7BE Yes reset button and my root system is not happy
    I will look into that dropline gnome.
    What are? xinitrc.fvwm2, fvwm95, xfce I ask this because they are with a xinitrc.kde

    I just switched from the nv driver to nvidia

    I want to keep starting from a text console. will I have to write a file to choose between kde and gnome or can i just specify with the startx command?

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    Re:KDE freeze up

    .xinitrc is a file that chooses what to start after you start x. I'm not familiar with the specifics of how slackware does it. Do you have a file in your home directory called .xinitrc? If so, try editing it. It will probably contain a list of commands to execute after starting X.

    The presence of xinitrc.fvwm suggests that you have fvwm installed. fvwm is a window manager that performs a similar function to windowmaker. Myself, I can't stand it, but I know others who love it. I'm more of a Gnome fan.

    Anyway, usually the .xinitrc file contains a small list of commands. When I used to start X from the console (instead of using gdm, a graphical login utility), mine used to have only a single command. It was either startkde (for KDE), gnome-session (for Gnome), or fluxbox (the only standalone window manager I can work with and not be angry). Check and see if the file exists. If it doesn't, create it and enter a single command ('gnome-session' if you intend on giving Gnome a shot).

    Oh yeah...if that doesn't work, you might have to try putting "exec" in front of the command. eg. "exec gnome-session"

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    Re:KDE freeze up

    On Slackware, there is a tool for changing windows managers.

    I think is xwmconfig

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    Re:KDE freeze up

    xwmconfig was it. It let me try the 5 or 6 window managers I have installed. One problem I don't have netscape installed so I could not surf with any of them. I could live with fvwm95 but very primitive

    I think I want to try dropline gnome. In my limited past with linux/RH I felt KDE to be the fastest. Mozzila and netscape seemed slow. Dropline sounds tuned for me.

    Thanks for the help trickster and tyr_7be I have been jumping from desktop to desktop for the last hour with no freeze up. I will use KDE to download gnome and maybe fluxbox and see what happens.

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    Re:KDE freeze up

    Netscape is so old it's not even funny. I don't think I've seen it installed on a machine in three years.

    Netscape was open-sourced under the project name Mozilla. It has since evolved and is now the most standards-compliant browser on the planet (that's a fact). It's extremely mature, and developing at a rapid pace. It also has really cool stuff like popup blocking. You can get it from . I'd recommend downloading Mozilla Firebird as your browser. It's a relatively light-weight, full-featured browser with a beautiful interface. If you're using Gnome, check out Epiphany ( or Galeon ( ). These projects are both Mozilla's rendering engine embedded into a GTK+ frontend. Epiphany is focused on simplicity, while Galeon aims to be more configurable. Both are fantastic browsers.

    Yeah your first few weeks with Linux are probably best spent sampling what's out there and seeing what's right for you. If you lean towards KDE moreso than fvwm then I definitely recommend you check out Gnome (the other major Unix desktop). It's been said that while KDE has roots in the Windows user experience, Gnome hints more at an OSX-like environment.

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    Re:KDE freeze up

    Back to the topic at hand...were you experiencing lockups before you got your nvidia driver installed?

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    Re:KDE freeze up

    Yes the lockups were with the nv drivers and with the nvidia drivers.

    Last night I ran the Dropline Gnome install. There were 6 small programs I hadn't installed that were needed to run Dropline. After I fixed that I ran the full online install. I was worring I might run out of disk space before it got finished. But I didn't ;D There were problems after the install. The nvidia module was changed and would not load. Frustrating . I reran the Nvidia drivers this morning and got back into KDE and locked up before I could get here. After patting the root dir and saying it will be OK ( really I just rebooted the PC and left the room) I start up Gnome. It is a little different but is easy on my eyes. It has Mozilla as a browser. So I am giving it a go. Hay I just found it has Epiphane. It is a real clean browser that starts up at my home page 'GOOGLE' cool Well let me setup my email and news reader and see how it goes.
    Thanks for the intrest

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