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Thread: Macs Are Not Invulnerable

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    Re:Macs Are Not Invulnerable

    I posted on their forums in the contact pc mag section a little bit of a flame about the thing, I hope they listen to it


    That article was cocky, zealous, and more or less, unfair.

    Every operating system over known to man, has had problems. OSX is still a realativly new OS. if you think about how long OSX has been around, and how long Windows NT-based operating systems have been around, you will see that NT should have it almost together by now.

    yet, I say this, posting from my windows XP based computer, knowing very well that Windows is full of security holes, awaiting my arrival of my Powerbook, knowing full well that it probobly has security holes, SSHing to my Linux box knowing very well that it probobly has a few securtity holes, considering it is running kernel 2.4.22.

    Pointing out a security hole would be one thing, but the writer of that article, Lance Ulanoff, is a little hard on the Apple fans. I like your magazine, I am a subscriber and all...but that article was way out of line.

    thank you for dealing with it.

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    Re:Macs Are Not Invulnerable

    When I bought my imac. I took it home and the same evening the machine was up and running. On many occasions I have to restart the machine but since then I know what to do and what not to do on it.

    But the frustration of using a pc, not to talk of installing linux simply taught me to keep my mac. Here are just some few examples:
    -My mac don't occupy a big space
    -I use only one electric cable for my mac, in contrast to my pc with a cable that runs from the monitor to the electric socket and another one from the socket to the central unit.
    -It sufficient to insert a cdrom into my mac cdrom drive and the installation are done and for the past few days. The dvd-drive(in the pc) cannot read my linux distribution?. It crossed my mind to just throw away the .... by the window?

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    Re:Macs Are Not Invulnerable

    my oppinion, if it counts, now that i have had time to get used to my powerbook.:

    I go to a charter school, and hang out with a lot of computer-literate people, and the mac vs. pc battle is constant. I used to be on the pc side of things, and then i decided to get a powerbook. after using it realize that their is no better, both have ups and downs, and both do most common tasks.

    at least once or twice a week, somebody gives me shit about having a mac, but i just tell them this:

    You can buy a PC, or a Mac, and get the same job done. One is better in some areas, where the other is better in others. It all depends on what you do, and what you need it for. In my case I needed something that would work good for video editing, document writing, and light to moderate games. Now, those people in my school were arguing that the mac is horrible at games, but then again -- i can play warcraft iii, and currently, thats the only game i play, and there is a decent sized selection of other games avalible, but then again, im lucky if i spend more then an hour or two a week playing games. Now, another thing i wanted, was a Unix-based operating system, so if i felt like it, i could drop down to a shell and work. OSX offers that, and windows does not. OSX had many applications i was already familiar with because of its strong roots in unix. I also needed something light, fast, and that gets a long battary life. The powerbook offered all of these things.

    Now, again, both have their ups and downs. You can buy better battaries for PC-based laptops, but they are extra. You can run Linux on PC-based laptops, but not everything is always supported.

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