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Thread: IBook

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    yay, its shipped estimated delivery on the 23rd and my days off from work are the 23rd and 24th(xmas eve) i get to go spend time with the family, and play with my new toy. and I just found my 3.0 GPA this semester, cumalative 2.4 (i need 2.5 to keep scholarships so hopefully they let me go), getting my ibook, and if by some chance i ever compile a working kernel, theres linux 2.6.0. and i saw LOTR:ROTK! merry christmas to everybody! :P

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    its here its here its here its finally here!!!! ;D

    but i dont get to play with it cause i have to go to work! :-[ ??? :-\ :'(

    isnt that always the damn story? new toy and you cant play cause you gotta work! ah well i have off the next 2 days to play with it!

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    i couldnt go to work without using it once so i turned it on and set it up and everything. but i have a problem, and its the same problem im having with my windows box. the windows box and now this ibook, both will not get on the internet. they keep grabbing some bullshit network ip address. i dunno whats going on. maybe they only give us 2 ip addresses, but even so i unplugged the other computers so that the ip addresses would free up and i still cant get on and grab a real ip. anyone know whats going on? maybe i should use a router instead of a switch? but i remember plugging the windows box into the cable modem and it still wouldnt get on the net havent tried with the ibook yet. im stumped. ???

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    They might have gotten the mac addresses of the computers.

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    the windows box grabbed an ip out of nowhere, i dunno i think my best shot is to buy a router, ibook still wont grab ip and the windows box went back to stupid network ips.

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    I know of Gentoo having live cd's with kde and gnome for PPC computers. i just dont know which ISO is the live cd and which live cd is kde and which is gnome, can anyone point me to the 2 live cd ISO's that let you do kde or gnome w/ gentoo on ppc?

    Edit: gentoo forums reveal the livecds for ppc have been pulled and are under development again with possibly 2.6 kernel after jan 1st.

    Anyone know of any other PPC live cds?

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    Why Live CDs? Just repartition the drive to one partition, with however more extra for Linux. No reason not to dual-boot. ;D

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    i still dunno which distro to use hehe, its hard to decide Debian or Gentoo. I have never installed either, i have tried to but failed miserablely. :-X

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    i guess yellowdog 3.0.1 is out of the picture, and i just installed it and it isnt starting X, sleep doesnt work, its useless :-\

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    Congratson the iBook (haha, it's like you gave birth or something!)
    Here's a couple of interesting links for you to consider, mate.
    OpenBSD iBook tutorial
    Debian Woody iBook tutorial

    Have fun!

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